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Brief Introduction of Nanjing Textiles Import & Export Corp., Ltd.
Nanjing Textiles Import & Export Corp., Ltd (abbreviated as the Company in the following) was founded in 1978. In the year of 1988, the Company was authorized to do foreign trade business independently. In the year of 1994, the Company was reformed into a stock company. Approved by the [2001] No.7 Document issued by China Stock Supervising and Administrating Council, the Company’s stock is listed in Shanghai Stock Exchange in March 6th, 2001.
The Company involves in the fields of textiles and garments, electric and machinery, light industry, chemical industry etc, covering over 1000 merchandise. At the same time, the Company also has overseas labor services and economic & technical cooperation activities. The business scope of the Company covers 120 plus countries and/or regions all over the world and has established steady cooperative relationship with more than 800 foreign business partners and 1000 domestic suppliers.
The fund collected from the stock market are invested mainly in textiles, chemical and electronics industry, projects including: biologic functional treated silk products, high-grade cloth dying and treating base, high-grade textiles production base, teletron and large screen displacing system production base, natural phosphor-free detergent production base, etc.. All these projects are high value-added and of hi-tech, which shows the strategy of the Company’s future development.
Since 1994, after the Company was reformed into a stock company, the Company holds the idea “enlarge the export, improve the competitiveness” as its guideline. Taking its own advantages in human resources, management and market, the Company developed at a surprising fast speed and this developing tendency still keeps going. In 2003, the total export and import volume was7.98 million USD, in which export volume reached 6.21 million USD.
In 1992, the Company became one of the 500 biggest foreign trade enterprises in China and the position keeps rising since then. From 1997 to 2003, in this continuous seven years, the Company successfully positioned in the 100 biggest foreign trade enterprises in China. During its developing period, various honorable titles were issued to the Company, such as: “National Top 10 Export Sales Company”, “Excellent National Foreign Trade Enterprise”, “Advanced Efficient Foreign Trade Company”, “Backbone Foreign Trade company of Jiangsu Province” etc.. At present, the Company is not only an enterprise of large-scale developing in both foreign and domestic markets, but also an enterprise strengthened with scientific research and industrial production ability.

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